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XXIX Ciclo de Estudos Estratégicos - Os Desafios do Sistema Internacional Contemporâneo para a Defesa

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Publicado: Sábado, 30 de Mai de 2020, 13h36 | Última atualização em Segunda, 05 de Outubro de 2020, 14h31 | Acessos: 847

Dr. Boaz Ganor - The Definition of Terrorism A Fundamental Counter-Terrorism Measure

For the past 30 years, I have been calling for the adoption of an international definition of terrorism. I have done and continue to do so against all odds, and in contradiction to the most commonly-held position of counter-terrorism experts, scholars, legal experts, decision makers and lay leaders. I do so because I genuinely believe that defining terrorism is both crucial and possible, and because I believe that once terrorism has been consensually defined, that definition will become a pillar of much better and more effective international cooperation on counter- terrorism.


Terrorism at St. Andrews: Principal Dr. Louise Richardson 2013

Our incredible first female Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of St Andrews and a political scientist whose specialist field is the study of terrorism. She is the author of highly-acclaimed works on terrorism and has given over 300 talks on terrorism and counter-terrorism. She is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.





Interview with Prof Alex Schmid about defining terrorism

Interview with Prof Alex Schmid about defining terrorism.





























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